Composite History

Many successful companies started in someone’s basement or garage.

Ours started in a bathtub.



Edward Vantine Sr., a photographer by trade, moved to Hamilton, N.Y. and took a room at the Colgate Inn. He photographed the fraternity brothers at Colgate University and used his bathtub to develop the film. Hamilton soon became Edward’s home where he founded Edward Vantine Studios, the first Collegiate Composite Photography Company servicing fraternities and sororities.


Edward Vantine Sr. passed the legacy of Edward Vantine Studios onto his son Edward Vantine, Jr. who renamed the company to simply, Vantine Studios and remained the industry leader in college photography. In 1999, Edward Jr. turned the company over to his son, David.


Under the leadership of David Vantine, Vantine Studios welcomed the new millennium with a new name: Vantine Imaging. Under the direction of David, Vantine Imaging continues as the leader in technology, quality and customer service, creating photographic composites for sororities, fraternities and other member organizations nationwide.

Generations of Understanding

Vantine Imaging is a third generation family business that provides Greek composite services nationally. We understand the importance of history — that’s why we have copies of composites going back to the 1970’s. We work with our customers to help preserve their organization’s history.

Let's work together

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