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Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Cheryl McNeil

Rebecca is the best. I called with a request to dig up year old pics and have them touched, enlarged, and turned black and white. I did not have the sitting numbers. I had changed my email and my address– so basically I was being the biggest pain imaginable. Despite all that, this lady was kind, efficient, helpful, and cheerful. What a gem! When I compare it with the call I had just made to my health insurance about an incorrect bill, in which I was on hold for an hour, transferred multiple times to people who were clearly forced to use scripts and not allowed to actually help me. It made me nostalgic for the good old days when almost everywhere had a real human with agency. However, even then, most of them were not as wonderful as Rebecca.

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Alpha Xi Delta, Indiana University of PA

We have worked with many Composite companies over the last few years, and this has by far been the best one! I had many girls telling me that this was the most productive and organized company; the whole process was very smooth, quick, and painless, and I will definitely be recommending Vantine to presidents of other organizations!

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Phi Gamma Delta, University of Montevallo

Both the emails from Brandy Harvey and the calls and messages from the Vantine representative were honestly great. They were incredibly informant and responsive when I had any questions and were super kind. They actually arrived a little early and got set up super quick and efficiently. They were great, a lot of members told me afterwards that they were super helpful, professional, and funny, both the rep and the photographer. They did and walked me through the several different options and helped when I asked questions. Yes, we did and was super helpful at making sure our roster was as accurate as possible.  It was much more chill and relaxed than I expected. They were both super great and kind, honestly pretty funny and great people to chill with.

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Alpha Kappa Phi, SUNY Geneseo

Nick and Andy were both fantastic and made the entire process run very smoothly.

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Sigma Chi, West Virginia University

Everything was executed perfectly. They worked perfectly with our schedule for the photography event. We couldn’t ask for more accommodating representatives. Every time we work with these guys they execute perfectly. The event ran smoothly with littler error, and a high level of energy and passion for their work. Everyone had a pleasure having them at our fraternity house, and we are very thankful to have been working with you all for as long as we have.

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Chi Omega, University of Delaware

I liked how the representative contacted me through text on my cell number the day before. There were no concerns about this experience, the photoshoot went great. Thank you!

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Sigma Nu Chi, SUNY Geneseo

Vantine representative and photographer at the session for our organization were excellent, great guys and made the process very smooth. The Photographer went above and beyond, excellent. The Composite Representative went above and beyond, representative extremely friendly, made it go smoothly, and helped us ensure the composite was just how we wanted.

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Kappa Phi Eta, Carthage College

I thought everything was awesome and the photographers were all very nice and helpful with any questions that arose.

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Alpha Sigma Phi, Carnegie Mellon University

I was very satisfied with the men who helped us during the shoot. They suited every need to make sure everyone had the chance to get their picture taken. This process (Roster Review) was very easy! The Vantine representatives did an unbelievable job at treating our members with respect and open arms!

Vantine imaging 5 out of 5

Beta Theta Pi, Eastern Kentucky University

They were there before the time we had set and were already set up to be ready to go. They were very quick and efficient which allowed for us to be in and out.

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