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Composite Day Questions

How does Vantine's process work, and how long will it take?

Simply check-in on our iPad when you arrive at the specified location, head over to the portrait photographer when you’re ready, then sit with the composite consultant to choose which pose you would like to use. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.

What are my responsibilities if I'm in charge of my organization's Greek Composite?

Your personal account representative will walk you through the entire process making your composite day experience fast and easy, assisting you with the following but not limited to – confirmation of your photography session; roster review and updates; parking passes; apparel options; composite design and layout; proof review and approvals; deposits; and final payment.

How long does a Greek Composite photo session take? And will there be enough time to photograph our entire organization?

Vantine schedules between 20 – 25 members per hour for a typical Greek Composite photography session based upon the size of your organization and past history.

What time will Vantine's photography team arrive for our composite photography session?

Your team typically arrives 45 minutes prior to the start of your photography session. The portrait photographer will set up equipment and your composite consultant will sit with you to complete paperwork and answer any questions regarding the photo shoot or Greek Composite.

I forgot what time my composite day photo session is?

You will receive an email as a reminder for your scheduled Composite Day photography time.

What if I cannot make my scheduled photography time on composite day?

Greek Composites by Vantine understands that there are situations that may arise preventing you from making it your scheduled photography time. If you are late, simply get there as soon as you can and let the photographer know you have arrived. If you forgot all together, ask your authorized composite officer to contact their account rep to provide you with alternate times and locations for make-ups on the day of photography. If your organization happens to be the last group scheduled before your Vantine team leaves campus, your account representative will notify you of an alternate location.

If I can't make the specific time I signed up for, can I still get my picture taken?

Of course. Show up as early as possible and we will work you in.

If I completely missed the photo session for my organizations Greek Composite, how do I get my portrait taken?

Ask the member from your organization who is in charge of composite day to contact Vantine and find out when make-up times are available on your campus.

Does Vantine provide clothing options for our sorority or fraternity composite day shoot?

Vantine provides a few options for both fraternity brothers and sorority sisters on composite day.

GUYS: apparel options for guys are available upon request; navy blue blazers, red ties, or blue ties. If your fraternity will be wearing tuxedos or other specific articles of clothing such as colored ties, sweaters, shirts, etc., please make sure a minimum of three sizes are available for fraternity brothers. Vantine does not provide white shirts, tuxedos or specific fraternity ties.

GIRLS: apparel options below may be provided upon request: black, red or blue drapes; pearl necklaces. If your sorority plans to use drapes, we suggest members wear a cami or other strapless garments to facilitate a quick and easy composite photography session.

How many fraternity specific ties should we bring to our photo session if we want all members to wear one?

Bring at least 3 ties to keep the line moving.

Can I take a "GAG" composite photo. Are "GAG" pictures allowed on a composite?

Unfortunately, no. Your national headquarters does not allow “GAG” portraits, and Vantine is bound by contract to abide by their stipulations.

Does the composite officer have to be at the photo shoot the entire time?

No, although we do find that it helps the process go smoother with the composite officer present. Vantine’s composite consultant will meet with the composite officer for approximately 10 minutes before, and again at the end of the photography session to complete paperwork. If the composite officer is unable to be present before or after the photography session (as required), it will be necessary to appoint an alternate officer.

How good is your quality?

Vantine is the Gold Standard! Vantine offers an all-inclusive service from; employed professional portrait photographers that go through extensive training from the owner himself as well as being background checked and sensitivity sessions. In an ever changing digital world, printed composites and photographs are more important than ever. Eight decades and three generations later, Vantine has researched how to produce the best quality composite possible with bright white paper, pure inks, real wood frames and esthetically pleasing designs that make your Greek Composites last to protect your memories for generations to come.

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Composite Pricing

How much does it cost?

Vantine’s all-inclusive service is still one flat rate per member.

Is a deposit required on the day of photography?

Yes, your Account Representative will inform you of your required deposit. If a pre-invoice is required, we will supply you with one.

When is our Greek Composite final payment due?

Vantine requests that your final balance be paid after your composite proof is approved. The composite will be shipped promptly upon completion.

Are shipping, handling and framing included?

Framing and shipping are an additional charge.

How do I change the number of personal copies we want to order?

You can order additional copies at the time of your session from your composite consultant during the shoot. After the photo session contact your Account Representative.

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Composite Options

Can we have a vertical orientation for our composite?

Yes, you can have either a vertical or horizontal orientation for your composite. Contact your account representative for details.

Can we choose the font color for our composite?

Yes, you may choose any font color. Contact your account representative to request a font color.

Can the font we choose be all uppercase?

We offer three font choices that come in all uppercase. Those fonts are Regular Block, Cascade Script and Buzy Bold.

Do we have to choose a plaque for our composite portraits?

No, you do not have to choose a plaque for your composite portraits. You may choose a traditional rectangular or oval picture mount without a border.

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How do I schedule a photo shoot for my fraternity or sorority Greek Composite?

Greek Composites by Vantine’s master scheduler works directly with you to find the best option available for your composite day photo shoot.

What are my responsibilities if I'm in charge of my organizations Greek Composite?

Your Vantine Account Representative will walk you through the entire process making your composite day experience fast and easy, assisting you with the following:

  • Confirmation of your photography session
  • Update your organization’s roster
  • Appropriate location for photography
  • Parking accessibility for Vantine team
  • Apparel options
  • Composite design and layout
  • Proof review and approvals
  • Deposits
  • Final payment

How much notice do I need to give Vantine before scheduling our composite shoot?

We can schedule your shoot at any time throughout the semester, BUT, sooner is better! Please let us know who your newly elected officers are ASAP, so we may update and forward important information so details regarding your composite session don’t get overlooked.

To begin the process, we prefer 24 weeks prior to your composite day to coordinate details.

What should I do if I have to change our scheduled composite day shoot due to conflict with day, time?

As soon as you realize that a change is needed regarding your composite day shoot, contact your account representative or call 1-800-448-8484 to reschedule. You WILL NOT be charged a fee.

Who should I contact after new officers are elected so they can assume their composite day responsibilities?

Please contact your personal account representative at info@vantine.com as soon as new officers are elected to prevent miscommunication and to assure that your composite day experience is stress-free.

How do I add or delete members from our roster?

Simply follow the instructions when submitting your roster online. If you need further assistance contact your Account Representative at info@vantine.com.

Why can't I enter my roster online?

Access to your roster expires at midnight EST on the Thursday prior to the week of your scheduled composite day, allowing Vantine to prepare for your upcoming photography session. If your roster has not expired, contact your account representative who will immediately resolve the matter.

How big should the room be for our composite day shoot?

To photograph the very best you, Vantine portrait photographers require a space measuring  20’x20’x8′. If the room has windows, they must have accessible blinds so direct light does not interfere with the camera/flash. We also require a medium sized table that may be moved and two chairs.

What should I do if the location of our composite day photo shoot has changed?

Once you have the new location secured, please contact your account representative. We need to notify your professional portrait photographer ASAP so your session is not delayed.

How do I sign up for a time slot to get my picture taken for my Composite?

Members get a link to sign up online for a time that works for them.

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Portrait Orders

My parents want copies of my portrait. How do I order a portrait package?

After the composite consultant helps you choose the best photo for your Greek Composite, you can select a portrait package offered at discounted student pricing.

How do I pay for my pictures and what are my options?

Pay with your phone – Tap / Dip / Swipe! For your security, Square is used to process all payments accepting Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, all major credit cards, cash, and checks at the time of your session. Contact our Portrait Specialist at 1-800-448-8484 for additional information or rcampbell@vantine.com.

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Do you offer retouching on portraits?

Yes. We offer Premium and Enhanced retouching.

Premium retouching includes blemishes, eyeglass glare, shine and flyaway hair, and is included free of charge.

Enhanced retouching includes removal of jewelry, scars, five o’clock shadow, birthmarks, sunburn, braces, clothing wrinkles, eyeglass shadow and tan lines.  Enhanced retouching also includes brightening of eyes and teeth.

How much does portrait retouching cost?

Premium retouching is free on all portraits. Enhanced retouching is $19.99 per pose.

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Composite Restoration

Can you restore our damaged composites?

We can restore your organization’s composites by Vantine. We have archives dating back to the 1970’s and have the digital technology to restore damaged, aged or missing composites.

How much does a composite restoration cost?

The cost varies. You can request a custom quote by calling 1-800-448-8484 or emailing info@vantine.com.

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