Vantine Sends Christmas Care Packages to Troops Overseas

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Lifestyle, Vantine Life |

The Holiday season is upon us and all of us here at Vantine will have the opportunity to have time off of work to spend with our families and loved ones. But not everyone will have that opportunity because they are overseas in the military protecting us while we enjoy our family time. The men and women who serve the United States Military are some of the bravest human beings there are.

This is the third year Vantine employees collected donations of snacks and morale booster items to send overseas to the troops. Vantine’s photo retouchers were the biggest support to this project this year with all of their donations. Our President and Fearless Leader, David Vantine, generously paid for the shipping of all 14 Christmas Care Packages that were sent out on December 8th.

Many of Vantine’s team have had family members overseas serving our country and know how important it is to send care packages and show our support. Rebecca Clark, our Social Media Marketing Assistant started this tradition. “One of my good friends Jessica Maddin and her Jessica’s Hope Project was and is an inspiration behind me starting this tradition at Vantine,” Clark said. “Jessica has always been a tremendous help in getting us addresses to troops in need of food and hygiene products.”

“The average deployed military individual loses 50 pounds body weight per deployment and Jessica’s Hope Project’s goal is to keep this from happening,” Jessica Maddin said. “Providing healthy snacks such as protein bars and vitamin supplements helps military individuals maintain their physical well-being and mental sharpness.”

Maddin also added that by sending healthy snacks, we increase the odds of our military not only doing their physical and mental best as they fight for our country, but also coming home to their families and loved ones in better shape than in the past wars when these products weren’t readily available.

Every year Clark gets a few morale boosters from musicians to include in the packages. One of her passions is photographing concerts, which gave her the idea to reach out to some of the artists she photographs for donations.

Rock artist 10 years signed some of her photo collages and country artist Chase Bryant donated and signed some headshots on top of signing some of her photographs with a “God Bless” message written on them. Rock artist 3 Doors Down generously donated a box full of t-shirts and a few koozies to include in every package.

“Music inspires me to get through some of the hard times in life.” Clark said. “I am hoping these artists’ kind gestures will inspire the troops that receive them to keep going on their toughest days away from home.”