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What do we do if members cannot make the scheduled composite photography session?

Vantine Imaging understands that there are situations that may arise that prevent all fraternity or sorority members from attending the scheduled composite photography session. In order to best meet your needs, our onsite university photography team will provide you with alternate times and locations for make-ups on the day of photography. If your organization happens to be the last group scheduled before our team leaves your campus, your scheduling coordinator will notify you in advance of some alternate locations.

What time will the photography team arrive?

Our composite photography team typically arrives 45 minutes prior to the start of photography. They will need this time to get their equipment set up, complete some necessary paperwork and answer any questions that you may have regarding the session.

Will there be enough time to get all members photographed?

Yes. We schedule between 20 – 25 members per hour for Greek photography. Vantine estimates the number of members that will be photographed based upon the size of your organization and past history. We provide customized sign up sheets for your organization to assist in keeping the photography session on schedule.

How big should the room for composite photography be?

In order to get the very best photographs, Vantine Imaging requires the room to measure 20’x20’x8’. If the room has windows, they must have blinds, shades or drapes so no direct light filters in to interfere with the camera. We also require a medium sized table that can be moved and two chairs.

What clothing options does Vantine provide?

For men, Vantine will provide the following upon request:

  • Navy Blue Blazers
  • Red Ties
  • Blue Ties

*If your organization uses tuxedos or special ties, please make sure that you have a minimum of three (3) sets available for fraternity photos. Please remember that Vantine does not provide white shirts, tuxedos or specific fraternity ties.

For women, Vantine will provide the following upon request:

  • Black Drapes
  • Red Drapes
  • Blue Drapes

*If your organization plans to use drapes, we suggest members wear tube tops or other strapless garments to the composite photography session.

Will Vantine provide pearl necklaces?

Yes, your composite photography team will arrive with pearl necklaces should your group decide to use them.

Why can't I enter my roster online?

Access to your roster may have expired. At midnight EST on the Thursday prior to the week of your scheduled college photography session, access to your roster will expire to allow our teams to successfully download and prepare for your upcoming photography session. The website will indicate the expiration date for your roster. If the roster has not been expired, there may be other technical problems that you should report to your scheduling representative who can assist and resolve the matter for you.

What are my responsibilities if I am in charge?

We have a separate checklist of responsibilities for you, our Authorized Composite Officer. You can view it here.

Does the composite officer have to be at the photo session for the entire time?

The Greek composite officer is not required for the entire session, although we do find that it helps the process go smoothly. Our representatives will need to meet with the composite officer for approximately 10 minutes before the photography session and again at the end of the photography session to complete the necessary paperwork. If the composite officer is unable to be present before or after the photography session as required, it will be necessary to appoint an alternate officer to meet with our team.

How much of a deposit will we be required to pay on the day of photography?

The amount of your deposit due depends on the number of members in your organization. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Check or Money Order.

  • Up to 50 members = $500
  • 51 – 100 = $1,100
  • 101 – 150 = $1,900
  • 151 – 199 = $2,500
  • 200+ = $3,200
When is our final balance due?

Vantine Imaging requests your final balance be paid after your composite proof is approved; ensuring your composite is shipped promptly upon completion.

Why should members bring $10 to the photography session?

We will be offering individual portrait packages at your scheduled university photography session. The $10.00 is the required deposit to place your order and take advantage of our special prices which are only offered on the day of photography.

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